An All Authors Anthology Collection

The Origins of Divergent Ink

From Soul Speak to Story-esque Scenarios

Have you ever gotten weary of the daily small talk, to the point where it’s gotten routine and you check yourself out of the conversation before it’s even begun?

This is an ongoing stasis between myself and Y. Correa. We are fortunate in possessing the aptitude and capacity to think and speak on a range of topics.

There are many mannerisms which makes us quirk an eyebrow, shake our heads, or provide challenges to evolve beyond the black and white. These queries—varying with each book in this collection—started as coffee talk between two that sparked the interest of four additional writers.

Hence the birth of Divergent (symbolizing “different”) and Ink (symbolizing “content”).

Each author made a pact—to come together whenever a new unique question was presented that called for answers from different perspectives. The only limits put on the authors were (1) that the entry be over 1,000 words and (2) that the story skillfully address the topic.

Overall, Divergent Ink is the literary symphony of universal soul speak from multiple genres and six unique viewpoints designed to make the reading experience extraordinary.